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February 18th

Buddy Benefits: Does having a workout partner help?

Achieve your fitness goals and stay Motivated

achieve-gym-fitness-goals- stay-motivated

When it comes to exercise and the gym, we are all constantly looking for new ways to stay keen, fit and motivated as usually it’s pretty difficult to keep up that enthusiasm. Not all of us can afford to get a personal trainer but there is another way to have someone pushing you through the pain. If you haven’t already tried it, we suggest that you should try and find yourself a gym buddy.

Push yourself with motivational willpower

Not only does having a gym buddy give you more incentive to get down to the gym, but studies have shown it may also make you work out harder and you may put in a little more effort than you normally would if you were just relying on willpower.

A Gym Partner will boost your Confidence

gym-partner- boost-confidence

Have you been wanting to go on that one gym machine but always had a reason not too? A gym buddy is great if you feel intimidated by the gym or are scared of trying out new machines. Once you’ve trailed and tested that new gym machine you won’t look back in future whether that be you’re working out alone or working with a gym partner. Let’s face it, what’s better than having a gym buddy who can laugh along with you when you can’t lift the weights, or help you figure it out when you can’t make the machine work? Someone who you can pull faces at when it all gets too much.

Say goodbye to gym anxiety and hello to finally enjoying it.

5 Reasons why you should have a Gym partner for Buddy Benefits


1) Your Gym buddy will last till the end

You’ll actually go and stick with it longer. If you’ve pre-planned a gym trip with your buddy, you’re much less likely to bail out as you don’t want to let your buddy down. Plus it can actually be fun!

2) You’ll work harder at the Gym

It’s natural, you’ll work harder. With social support your training will be more consistent and you will push yourself more and therefore it’ll help you to achieve your fitness goals.

3) Learn new exercises and workouts

Having a gym buddy will help you learn more exercises and workouts; knowledge is power, and two times the brain equals double the amount of workout ideas. So you can help each other out and learn from each other with more variety in your workouts and better form and techniques.

4) Burn More Calories with exhilarating workouts

You’ll burn more calories. Get carried away socialising whilst working out and time will fly. Gossiping is a great way to make time pass and before you know it you will have been running for 40 minutes longer than usual without even realising. According to a UK study, on average you’ll burn 41 more calories per session exercising with your buddy than you would do alone. Always ensure you’re running on enough energy to burn them calories off, read our ultimate pre gym fitness guide to make sure you’re on the right track!

5) Healthy competition

There’s got to be a bit of competition, come on’ a little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! It makes you perform better in the gym as you don’t want to be seen as the weakest link.


This being said, you may want to pick your workout partner carefully or you could end up in the pub rather than the gym if your partner lacks motivation and drags you down with them. You need to get yourself a gym buddy with motivation who strives with energy making you push your boundaries and get your fit on! Why wait – Join Absolutely Fitness today and get your sweat on! Check out our gym venues and sign up with your fitness buddy today!


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