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June 28th

Top 5 tips for getting back in the gym this summer

Been hibernating all winter? If you’ve been taking a break from fitness sometimes it can be hard to work up the motivation to get yourself back into the habit of going to the gym. But we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about, here are our top 5 tips for getting back in the gym this summer:

1. Don’t feel embarrassed about quitting

Everyone takes a break from the gym at some point, it’s totally normal to fall off the wagon and it’s not something to beat yourself up about! Keep a positive mind set and don’t let any negativity hold you back. Re-joining your gym will mean you’ll see some familiar faces and our Absolutely Gym staff will be thrilled to see you back.


2. Save some money by avoiding admin fee

Having to pay a joining fee again sometimes feels like a scam, but did you know we don’t charge admin fees for returning Hero Members? So make sure when you come back you let our staff know that you’re a returning member. Then go grab yourself some new work out gear with the money you’ve saved!

3. If you’re feeling a bit of gym intimidation, don’t panic!

This is totally normal and something everyone experiences when they haven’t been to the gym in a while. There’s absolutely no reason to feel nervous when going to the gym, no one is in there to judge you and no one is going to stare at you, everyone in there is too busy focusing on their work out to worry about yours! However, getting a gym buddy may be a way to get rid of any anxiety you have, they’ll help motivate you to smash out your final reps. If you’re not sure where to start exercise-wise why not book a free booster session with one of our Fitness Gurus? If you tell them your goals they’ll help point you in the right direction.


4. Get introspective

Think about why you previously quit and what you want to do differently this time around. Maybe you were getting bored of your work outs – why not take a class to switch it up and learn some new exercises? Or perhaps you were trying to go from one work out a week straight to five and you just couldn’t keep up with it. Building any routine takes time – start slow and give yourself time to adjust before adding more days to your work out! Whatever the case – think about why you previously gave up your routine and what would get you to stick to this time.

5. Don’t give up!

Set yourself some small goals and track your progress. Every SuperHero has a comeback, let this be yours. Click here to find a gym near you. 


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