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December 21st

Why Wait – Join Absolutely Fitness Today

Why Wait?

It’s that time of year again, you might be feeling a little tired, your clothes might be a little tight from all the festive food and parties and we haven’t even had Christmas day yet! So, like many people, you’re probably thinking to get that out of the way, enjoy yourself, then go wild for New Year too and then start the gym and watching what you eat. But, we’re here to ask you…why wait?

Don’t Let That Christmas Spare Tyre Creep Up

Why put off something that you can start today and go into the New Year feeling great. There’s no way you’ll start your new regime on New Years day, then realistically will you start on the 2nd? On a Wednesday? Doubtful. You’ll probably leave it until Monday 7th and until then will go overboard trying to get as much food and drink in before you’re “not allowed it anymore” and you’ll also miss out on valuable weeks where you could have easily got yourself on track and have far less work to do in the New Year.

So, how can you do this?

No Excuse, Join A Gym Now


First of all, join the gym now! Don’t wait for all the January offers (we have ours on now: Slough, Bracknell and Langley) and for it to be ridiculously busy in the first few weeks of January, do it now and by January, you’ll already be comfortable and in a good routine.

Get rid of the ‘but it’s Christmas’ mentality, absolutely let your hair down but look after your body too. Christmas is not an excuse to abuse it so don’t over-indulge, you don’t have to give everything up to be healthy. Whether your goals are to lose weight or to get fitter, it’s all about being balanced so don’t think that you can’t have chocolate or booze, you can – just everything in moderation.

Trimmings Keep You Trim

Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Christmas dinner includes loads of vegetables so just allow the proportions of healthy food to be bigger than the unhealthy options – simple! Load up your plate with loads of veggies but sticking to just one type of potato instead of five. Mash and spuds take up lots of space which could be better occupied by some pigs in blankets. Don’t forget all the goodness that traditional Christmas veg brings such as sprouts, parsnips and carrots. Go beyond that and consider red cabbage, broccoli, green beans!

Drink lots of water! It’s easy to forget this, but with all the alcohol going around you need to keep hydrated.

Fit in exercise where you can. You’ll probably have time off work so there’s no excuse there. Even if it’s just a 10 minute Hiit session or half an hour in the gym, doing something is better than nothing.


Christmas is a great time to go for nice long walks too – get a few of them in. The fresh air will do you good as well as the exercise.

Sign up to a run or a challenge in January to keep you on track and so you have something to work for. 

We’re always thinking of what’s best for you so we have started our January offers early. As well as huge saving, there’s also no admin fee and to encourage you to keep going, we’re offering you your fourth month free if you attend the gym 10 or more times over your first three months – good incentive hey? Click here for more info on each of our gyms.



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