Friendly & Affordable Gym Memberships

About Our Gym

Amazing Equipment

Absolutely Fitness gym memberships give you access to our fantastic high quality gym equipment. Including our famous Functional Training areas, Ladies Only rooms, and free weights zones.

Amazing Classes

All Absolutely Fitness Gym memberships give you access to free fitness classes. Including Spinning, circuits, weights for women, and many, many more!

Amazing Staff

As fitness experts we provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all level of experience

Gym Etiquette

Leave the ego at home.

Never judge another person in the gym – people have different goals, vary in ability and come in all different shapes and sizes. Certain routines will work for some and not others.


Look after yourself.

Train safe with correct technique, injuries to happen. Keep hydrated and do not visit us on an empty stomach – if you feel dizzy at any point during exercise – STOP!


Look after your equipment.

The gym equipment is touch, but not indestructible – please look after it as if it were your own.


Put it away!

If you use something put it back, including free weights. Not only is this a health and safety hazard, it is common courtesy.


Be mindful of others.

Please consider the length of time you use equipment, especially when it is busy. Do not distract others whilst exercising.


Limit those grunts and groans.

We encourage you to push yourself when training but go easy on the grunting and groaning. It is off putting and you look silly!


Dress code.

Wear comfortable clothing, preferably sportswear and trainers. No muddy boots or heels. And gents….Keep your tops on!


Train with a purpose.

Remember why you joined us. Keep yourself motivated, train hard and know your limits. Do not be afraid to try something new, and always ask a member of staff for advice.


No abusive or threatening behaviour under any circumstance.