Personal Trainer in Slough

At Absolutely Fitness, we hand pick our Personal Trainers on their expert fitness knowledge and their personality. Because of this, our friendly, fun, and truly brilliant Personal Trainers are the crème de la crème of the fitness industry!

Chris Palmer

Chris has been a qualified personal trainer since 2012, following a highly  successful background in sports. He has worked with clients from a broad range of backgrounds and has experience helping those clients reach a variety of goals.

Chris provides training sessions aimed to motivate you, helping you to enjoy exercising in the gym, as well as life outside of it.

If you’re frustrated from not seeing the results you deserve, Chris offers tailor made plans designed to help you achieve your goals and make training exciting again. Nutrition plans and advice, in addition to 24-hour support, come included. This will assist you in forming positive habits – enabling you to achieve success in both the long and short term.


I’ve been in this game for 35 years and my sole aim is to help those who work with me achieve their fitness goals. If you`ve been struggling to achieve your desired fitness, stamina, strength and the shape then let me help you.

I bring the energy and knowledge you just bring a willingness to work hard.

My sessions will leave your mind motivated, heart rejuvenated and body renovated! Let’s build a better you together!



I aim to make clients become the best version of themselves, increase their energy levels, increase confidence, boost self-esteem, increase their quality of life and happiness, that’s what I’m all about.

If you also want to look and feel your best then contact me and let’s get to work!


Ingrid Pukstaite

It is essential to understand why you are training, what motivated you, and realise that there are no limits once you set your eyes on something great. I will ensure that you are pushed to your absolute limit every single session – taking you that one step closer to your fitness goals.

I have been helping people to achieve their goals for 5 years now. Seeing others achieve their fitness goals has been one of my biggest passions. I have been training and developing my fitness and nutrition knowledge for 6 years now and will use my experience, wealth of applicable knowledge and my passion for fitness to motivate you on the path to success.


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