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Top 10 tips to get the most out of your gym membership

We know that the decision to take out a gym membership is quite a commitment, but as you’re pledging a payment every month to fulfil a goal of improving your fitness, becoming more active, or losing weight, it’s a really positive thing to do.

Statistics indicate that out of all the people in the UK who pay for a gym membership, 12% don’t visit their gym regularly*, so we’ve put together our top 10 tips on how to make the most out of your gym membership.


Tip 1 – Try before you buy

Before you even sign up to join a gym, ask to have a look around and have a free trial. Being in an environment you like and feel comfortable is a factor in whether you will regularly visit. It will also give you a chance to visit at a time that fits into your lifestyle – if you are going to regularly workout when you finish work, but the gym is super busy at that time, will that stop you?


Tip 2 – Have a proper induction

At the start of your membership make sure you have a gym induction. You’ll be shown all the facilities and how to use the equipment, which can help you feel more comfortable and stop you from injuring yourself. We provide booster sessions every day where our members can have a refresh of how to operate our machines.


Tip 3 – Commit to a regular routine

If you just plan to go to the gym when you have a bit of free time, spoiler alert, you won’t go! And the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get into a routine, so commit at the start of your gym membership. Do you want to workout before you start work, or after work? Are you planning to go to the gym twice a week, three times a week, or every weekend? Set a routine and stick with it.



Tip 4 – Set yourself realistic goals

You may have an over-arching reason for taking out a gym membership – whatever that is, setting realistic goals will help you to achieve your target. If you want to lose weight, have a plan of how much you want to lose in the first month. If you want to improve your fitness, how much further can you run on a treadmill at the end of month one, compared to at the start of your gym membership? By doing this you will get little boosts along the way that will help keep you motivated.


Tip 5 – Have a personal training session

Whether you want to get your gym membership off to a good start, or you feel you’re stuck in a workout rut, setting up a session with a personal trainer can really give you a boost. They will listen to your goals and set up a routine of exercises that will help you achieve them.


Tip 6 – Set up a joint membership

If you’re someone who benefits from working out with a friend or friends, then speak to your gym about a group membership. We have one, it’s called Squad Membership, and we have special prices for between two and five people who join together. If you have colleagues who would like to head for a workout during a lunch break, or before or after work, then speak to your company about the possibility of setting up a corporate membership, as that will entitle you to discounted gym fees.

Tip 7 – Include classes

From yoga and spin classes to HIIT workouts and boxercise, your gym will offer a variety of group fitness classes that can be a lot of fun and will add something different to your fitness routine. Classes are also a fantastic way of meeting other members, making friends and discovering a new favourite exercise.


Tip 8 – Keep it short and sweet

If you think that you need to spend hours working out during every gym session, think again. You’ll achieve significant results by completing a regular 30–40-minute workout. In fact, the majority of our group fitness classes are only half an hour.


Tip 9 – Mix up your workouts

If you always use one piece of equipment, you may become bored very quickly, so mix it up. Your gym will be full of state-of-the-art machines for you to make use of. This will also help you to achieve your goals by working different muscle groups and areas of the body.


Tip 10 – Engage with the gym’s online community

Nowadays, most gyms will have an app where you can find a whole plethora of helpful information that will benefit your gym membership, such as online workouts and nutritional advice. There will also be an area where members and gym staff will chat and add messages, so get involved. Our community are really engaged and offer support to each other.

Worried about entering a contract? Then our hero and superhero membership packages may be ideal for you as they are contract free. With a range of gym membership options, we’re certain there will be a package that will help you reach your fitness goals.

* Research conducted by NatWest in 2020.