1. All members are responsible for complying with the following terms & conditions, which are in place for the enjoyment and safety of Absolutely Fitness members and staff. 


2. Absolutely Fitness facilities should be used in accordance to the gym etiquette displayed.  


3. Members must scan their barcode from the Absolutely Fitness App on each visit and on every door that requires it. In the event of a mobile phone being forgotten or unavailable then members must speak to a staff member upon arrival and have their account checked before being granted entry.


4. Facilities and access

4.1. Absolutely Leisure reserves the right to make changes to the programming of the facilities.

4.2. Specific activities within our sites, such as spinning and functional training rooms, will at times be unavailable for general use if classes or courses are taking place, such times will be advertised in advance. 

4.3. Absolutely Fitness endeavour to ensure that all facilities, classes and equipment are available during the advertised opening times. However, occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, facilities or equipment may be unavailable or classes cancelled. 

4.4. During festive periods opening times may be altered at the discretion of the management. These circumstances have been calculated within the membership fees. 

4.5. Absolutely Leisure has a planned redecoration programme for our gyms. During these periods it may be necessary to restrict access to the gyms for a small period of time. We are unable to refund memberships during any such period. Whilst we recognise this can be an inconvenience we would encourage alternatives to your exercise routine. 


5. Direct Debits

5.1. By signing up to a direct debit you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

5.2. Absolutely Fitness membership Direct Debit contracts offer an easy monthly payment scheme. The payments are collected by third party GoCardless. 

5.3. If on a contract for 12 monthly payments, a member may pay the remaining balance of their contract at any time.

5.4. Contracted membership periods do not automatically terminate after the final contracted payment, and the contract will continue on a rolling monthly basis. For example, a 12 month contract will continue into month 13 and beyond, until it is requested to be cancelled, as the contract 

5.5. The minimum age to sign up for a direct debit contract is 18. Please note any members 16-17 years of age signing up to a direct debit will require third party consent from a responsible adult over 18 years of age.

5.6. You agree to pay the full amount due for the products or services that you have purchased from us within the specified time frame. If you fail to make a direct payment by the due date, you will be in breach of this agreement and we reserve the right to take any action that we deem necessary to recover the outstanding amount. This may include, but is not limited to, sending your details to an external debt collection company and you will be liable for any further charges as a result. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any damages or losses that you may suffer as a result of your failure to pay on time.


6. Cancellations  

6.1. Direct debits cannot be cancelled prior to the expiry date/or final contracted payment has been made. 

6.2. A contract may be cancelled once the final contracted payment has been made; this requires 1 months’ notice in writing via the ‘Manage your membership’ section on the Absolutely Fitness website (www.absolutely-fitness.co.uk/manage-your-membership). 

6.3. If, in extreme circumstances the contract cannot be fulfilled it can be transferred to another person. 

6.4. In the unfortunate circumstance of members becoming redundant, sustaining serious injury, or suffering serious illness, Absolutely Leisure will review membership status on an individual basis providing sufficient proof.

6.5. If due to relocation (minimum distance determined at Absolutely Fitness’ discretion) memberships can be cancelled with 1 months’ notice, providing sufficient proof. 

6.6. If on a month to month contract, the membership can be cancelled at any time after the first instalment has been taken. There is a 1 month notice period and the member must notify Absolutely Fitness in writing via the ‘Manage your membership’ section on the Absolutely Fitness website (www.absolutely-fitness.co.uk/manage-your-membership). 

6.7. Any payments due within the notice period are payable in full. E.g. a member that pays on the 1st of the month and cancels on the 2nd of the month will pay in full on the 1st of the following month. 

6.8. Please do not cancel your direct debit at any point as GoCardless will still attempt to take payment unless instructed by us by way of a cancellation request. 

6.9. It is the member’s responsibility to check Direct Debit payments have ceased from their bank account once a cancellation has been agreed and notify staff within 1 month. Further payments will not be reimbursed.


7. Frozen Payments

7.1. Members can freeze their membership once every 6 months for a minimum of 30 days and maximum of 90 days. 

7.2. Membership freezes must be managed via the Absolutely Fitness website request form at https://www.absolutely-fitness.co.uk/manage-your-membership/ 

7.3. A request for freeze of payments cannot be backdated. 


8. One-time payment

8.1. This is the charge for setting up the membership, contract process and payment processing costs, plus any costs throughout the life of their membership. 

8.2. One Time payment fees are not refundable under any circumstance


9. Annual, Up Front, and Paid In Full memberships

9.1. These memberships cannot be refunded or frozen under any circumstances.

9.2. There will be a £15 admin charge for any changes to this membership etc – change of ownership

9.3. The minimum age for a membership that is paid in full is 16, and members that are under 18 join at their own consent. 


10. Squad membership

10.1. A squad membership of two or more is paid for in a singly monthly Direct Debit. 

10.2. It cannot be converted to a single membership until at least 6 months have been fulfilled. 

10.3. A single adult membership can be converted into a joint membership at any time, and is treated as a new membership with the minimum 12 monthly payments commencing once the first joint payment is made.

10.4. For all upgrades and downgrades there will be a £15 admin charged at time of adjustment.


11. Student Memberships

11.1. If you have a valid photo student ID, you are entitled to our student membership.

11.2. You must provide proof of student status when joining, this may be asked for again at a later date.

11.3. A student membership will last as long as your student ID. On the date that your ID expires, your membership price will automatically increase to the corresponding membership price of a full paying adult. 

11.4. It is your responsibility to inform Absolutely Fitness of any changes to your student status, including any extension past the original expiry date of the ID used when you joining. 


12. Corporate Membership

12.1. If you are employed by one of the companies listed in the Absolutely Fitness company file, you are entitled to a discounted membership. 

12.2. You must provide proof of employment when joining, this may be asked for again at a later date.


13. Upgrade/downgrade

13.1. If you upgrade from a BASIC membership to HERO you will still be required to fulfil a minimum contract term of 12 monthly payments. 

13.2. If you downgrade from a HERO membership to BASIC then you will be required to fulfil a minimum of 12 monthly payments from the time of downgrade.


14. General Information

14.1. No food or drink may be brought into and consumed within Absolutely Fitness sites with the exception to drinking water, or with permission from the management. 

14.2. All users of Absolutely Leisure sites must observe the rules and comply with any directions the management may give to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of the site. 

14.3. Absolutely Leisure reserves the right to alter and amend these rules at any time. Any add-on membership fees have to be attached to an existing gym membership of that site, add-on subscriptions are not valid on their own.

14.4. Gym users are recommended to attend a gym induction by way of a booster session. You can book the slot best suited to your schedule through our App or on our website (Timetable can be found at https://www.absolutely-fitness.co.uk/classes/). If you are on a HERO membership then you can book a 1 2 1 with staff or if you are an experienced gym user you can opt against a booster session or 1 2 1.

14.5. Only members on a valid HERO membership may attend Hero classes as designated on the fitness class schedule.

14.6. The management reserve the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the membership of any person breaching rules and regulations, or for any other reason the management team deems appropriate. 

14.7. During suspension the member will continue to be charged membership fees.  


15. Agreement

15.1. To meet the agreed terms & conditions by signing this document Absolutely Fitness customers agree that all records provided are correct and MUST notify a member of staff immediately if there are any changes to personal information including medical, personal and bank details. 

15.2. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the Health Commitment Statement (HCS). 

15.3. You confirm that you have read, and agree to abide by the Absolutely Fitness Terms & Conditions above. You understand that you have a 14 day cooling off period to terminate your contract, this must be confirmed in writing. Any payments made within the cooling off period are non-refundable but all future payments will be null and void.