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  • No contract
  • State of the art equipment
  • Multi-gym access
  • Use of ladies only gym areas at Bracknell and Slough
  • Booster sessions to help you find your way around the gym and learn how to use all the equipment
  • State of the art equipment
  • Multi-gym access
  • Use of ladies only gym areas at Bracknell and Slough
  • Booster sessions to help you find your way around the gym and learn how to use all the equipment
  • State of the art equipment
  • Access to our Hero Arena at Slough
  • No contracts
  • Bespoke diet plan
  • Unlimited classes
  • Multi-gym access
  • Access to 1000+ home workout videos
  • 24/7 Online fitness advice



Discounted membership when you Join with 2 or more people

Save up to £90 with a squad of up to 4 people!

  • Available for both Basic and Hero membership options
  • One simple payment for up to 4 people
  • Support each other in the gym and in classes to get the best results



No Contract

£17.99 per month

  • Access to state-of-the-art gym
  • Use of ladies gym at Bracknell and Slough
  • Access to fitness classes
  • Booster sessions to learn how to use the equipment
Simply Bring your student ID along to the gym


Three payment options
  • Company invoice
  • Company direct debit
  • Individual direct debit
Employees enjoy:
  • Discounted membership
  • Focus on mental and physical wellbeing
  • Boost to employee benefits package
Companies benefit from:
  • Support for employee retention
  • Attract new recruits
  • Boost CSR through our charitable status


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Our Gym Fitness Classes

Abs, Legs & Butt

Lower Body Workout Class In The Gym

This lower body gym workout focuses on three specific areas of the body and is suitable for all fitness levels

Absolutely HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training Class

This High-intensity interval training class burns fat and gets your heart rate up. You’ll give 100% to an extreme burst of exercise followed by a short recovery period, before going again.

BodyCombat Class

Influenced by martial arts disciplines, our BodyCombat class is an energetic cardio workout that will burn fat and improve coordination, as well as relieve stress.

BodyPump Class

Using light weights and high repetitions to help you lose weight, this BodyPump class will increase muscle and burn calories, as well as giving you a full body workout.

BootCamp Class

Our BootCamp class will give you a total body workout. A combination of exercises will boost strength and improve your overall fitness.

Box Attack

Shadow Boxing Workout Class

From shadow boxing, skipping and press-ups, to hitting pads, completing shuttle-runs and kicking punchbags, no two Box Attack classes are the same.

BoxFit Class

Based around the training boxers complete, our BoxFit class is a cardio workout that focuses on fitness and toning, and includes skipping, boxing and abdominal workouts.

Bums, Tums & Box

BoxMaster Workout Class

Using the revolutionary BoxMaster equipment, you’ll be throwing single and combination punches to get an all over body workout.

Circuits Class

This fast-paced class will see you complete short exercise bursts and is perfect for burning fat and toning muscles.


Cardio Blast Class

A high energy class using various cardio machines to help increase stamina, build strength and improve endurance.

Insanity! Class

This cardio-based workout is designed to increase your fitness levels fast by mixing high intensity interval training with strength moves.

Pilates Class

Our Pilates class will get you a strong and toned core while boosting your coordination and blood circulation.

Spinning Class

A great soundtrack will accompany your Spinning class cycle through various terrains in this calorie-burning and moderate to high intensity workout that guarantees fitness fast.

Spin X-treme

Intense Spin Class

This high intensity class combines spinning with a HIIT workout. You’ll burn calories fast, improve your cardio and build lean muscle definition.

Total Body Makeover Workout Class

Doing exactly what the name suggests, this total body workout class combines aerobic and resistance exercises to benefit every bit of your body.


Total Mobility Workout Class

A bodyweight workout for those who take part in X-Training, strength training and high intensity workouts to improve flexibility, balance, core strength and whole-body mobility.

Yoga Class

Increase your flexibility, reduce your stress and improve your health, well-being and strength with our Yoga class.

Yoga Flow Class

Create a continuous flow of movement by transferring from one Yoga posture immediately into another.

Zumba Class

This Latin dance inspired workout is great for weight loss, toning, heart health and fun! Featuring upbeat music and choreographed steps, you’ll definitely experience a party atmosphere.


Achieve your fitness goals wherever you are!

  • Personal planner and performance tracker
  • Hundreds of online workouts for all abilities
  • Fitness, Wellness, and Dietary advice
  • Meditation and Mindfulness coaching
  • Book fitness classes
  • Nutrition planner and food diary
  • Community portal to get in touch with fellow gym-goers

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