Membership Terms & Conditions

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Is it a contract?

We have both non-contract options and 12 month loyalty membership options available. So you can choose which type of membership best suits your needs


How do I download the Absolutely Fitness Mobile App

The mobile app is available on the AppStore and on Google Play. Just search for Absolutely Fitness to find and download the app. You will also receive an email on how to activate your mobile account when you sign up to the gym.


Can I freeze my payments?

Yes. You can freeze for up to 6 months at a time with no added cost after your first payment. We will need at least 14 days notice prior to your next payment to do this.


How do I cancel my contract?

Email us on [email protected] to request a cancellation. Our month to month memberships require a 1 month notice to cancel. And our 12 month membership can be cancelled if you move 5 miles away or have injury/illness. For further information please read a copy of the terms and conditions here.


Can I purchase the membership upfront?

Yes, memberships can be paid in full for the year. These transactions can only be made in the club.


What are the set up costs? 

All direct debit memberships are subject to a £30 administration charge and a pro rata payment of your monthly fee from the day you join to the day of your first direct debit. This payment can be made on the day you sign up, or it can be included in your first monthly payment.


Is there a minimum age to join?

Yes, all members must be over the age of 16, with those under the age of 18 requiring an adult to sign up on their behalf.


Can I pay as I go?

Yes. Costs vary between venues, and are available on the website. This is for both classes and the gym.


Can I trial the gym?

You can purchase a day pass to trial the gym for £7.


Can I bring a friend as a guest?

Yes, they will be required to pay the day pass however.


Does my membership cover all sites?

No, however, you can pay an additional monthly fee to have multi-site access for all our gyms



Do I need to be a student to join Langley College gym?

No, anyone can join.


Do I need to be a member to use the sports hall at Langley or Herschel?

No, anyone can hire the hall or football pitches(advance booking is strongly recommended)


Do you have ladies only sections?

Yes! Our Ladies Only Gym Sections are at Bracknell and Slough Trading Estate gym.


Do you offer classes?

Yes! We offer fitness classes at all 4 of our gyms.


What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours can be found here


I have never used the gym before, do I get an induction?

Yes, all members are entitled to an induction from our qualified staff.


Will I get on-going support in reaching my goals?

Yes! Our friendly qualified staff will offer you support whenever they can in reaching your goals.


Is Personal Training available?

Yes, for further details please click here