HIIT workout with bike, equipment, and devastating effects

Hurricane is a HIIT class that mimics the conditions of a hurricane, such as wind, rain, debris, and obstacles. Led by personal trainer Steve Obe, you will use a bike and some equipment to test your cardio, core, strength, and power. You will also track your heart rate, calories, and power. Hurricane will improve your fitness, endurance, joint health, and body composition. Suitable for all levels, as you can adjust the intensity and resistance. Join us for a fun and effective workout.

A 30-minute Hurricane class is available to join at our Bracknell gym.


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  • HIIT class with hurricane conditions and equipment
  • Led by personal trainer Steve Obe
  • Bike and equipment for cardio, core, strength, power
  • Track heart rate, calories, and power
  • Improve fitness, endurance, joint health, body composition