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February 19th

Benefits of a workout buddy: 3 Exercises to Do With a Partner

Buddy Up With These 3 Exercises to Do With a Partner

Do you find yourself at a gym, with no motivation and finishing your once pumped gym sesh early? You’ve probably read our blog post on buddy benefits and whether having a workout partner can help you in the gym. In this blog we’ll talk about the top three recommended exercises that you can do with your motivated work out buddy.

Why work out with your gym buddy

Working out with your gym buddy can be as straight-forward as running alongside each other on the running machine. It could include taking gym classes, or trying boxercise together. But you could even take it that step further and use your gym buddy as an opportunity to try some fun new exercises in the gym which you couldn’t do on your own.

Gym buddy work out – Stretch out

That’s right, stretch it out! Whether you’re at the gym or at home, this work out is great to target your abs with this easy buddy workout.


• Buddy A lies on the floor with Gym Buddy B standing behind Buddy A’s head.
• Buddy A Holds onto Gym Buddy B’s calves and raises their legs up to the ceiling
• Buddy B throws Buddy A’s feet back down to the floor.
• Buddy A has to lower them as far to the ground as they can without touching it and raise them back up for Buddy B to push back down again.
• Repeat this for 10 reps or 20 if you can manage it then switch buddies over.
• Do 3 Sets of this exercise and you will feel the burn!

The Gym Buddy Ball Toss

The buddy ball toss is a great workout that targets your abs, lats and triceps:

• First of all you’ll need to get a weighted ball (start off light as it can become quite tiring)
• Sit facing your buddy with your legs out wide in front of you and with your knees slightly bent
• Buddy A starts with the ball, lies back on the ground and extends the ball over their head.
• As they sit up they will throw the ball overhead to Buddy B, sitting all the way up and following through the throw.
• Buddy B will catch the ball and then copy the actions which Buddy A just did.
• Complete as many of these as you can do till the first buddy gets tired and again you will feel that burn.

The Gym Buddy Wall Sit

Gym buddy Wall-Sits are great for firing up all the muscles in your lower body, they are an isometric exercise which means it works in a static position as you build strength over the length of time you hold the position for.


So why not try one against your gym buddy, you don’t even need a wall and you can have a good old natter on the treadmill to pass the time.
It is as simple as standing back to back with your buddy. Take a small step as you maintain back contact with your buddy. End in a wall sit position with your buddy as the wall. Hold it. If you find this easy, try holding a 5K plate with your arms outstretched.

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