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September 20th

Get ready for National Fitness Day

The month of September often brings mixed emotions, it usually marks the end of, usually a very short, British summer, whilst parents, children and teachers all prepare for a new school year. However, as most people get ready for shorter days and colder temperatures, fitness fanatics can get excited about one thing – National Fitness Day!

National Fitness Day, 25th September 2019, is the UK’s largest fitness inspired awareness day, and highlights the vital role that physical activity plays in many people’s lives as well as raising awareness of its importance in helping people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. With a huge range of activities taking place across the country, we thought we’d invite all Absolutely Fitness members to join in and try our three favourite exercises, for a National Fitness Day inspired workout. During the week of National Fitness Day, Absolutely Fitness will be hosting an open week, so come along to one of our gyms and trial some of our favourite exercises. Whether you want to incorporate them into your own workout, or just do a quick burst, have a go at our three key exercises to work your arms, abs and legs.


Walking Lunge

The lunge is a great exercise to work all your leg muscles whilst engaging your core, you can even do this one at home. Get ready by standing at the end of a long walkway, keep your feet hip-width apart and engage your core. Take a big step forwards, lowering until both your knees are bent and your front thigh is flat. Then do the same on the other leg.


Repeat this exercise 24 times, meaning 12 lunges per leg. You could even mix it up by adding weights.


Ab Bikes

Is it just us that loves an ab bike? A quick way to really feel the burn in your stomach. This is a great exercise to focus on both your upper and lower abs and still work up a sweat. Once again, you can do this at home, but make sure you have a yoga mat to lie on. Lie on your back and extend your legs in to the air (making the same movement you would if you were riding a bike), keep your feet and shoulders off the ground at all times. As you bring one knee into your chest, meet it with the opposite elbow and then repeat for your opposite knee.


Repeat this exercise 24 times, 12 per side.


Lay Down Push Ups

Our final exercise works your arms, and a little bit of you abs. You’ll be familiar with the push up, but really challenge your strength with this lay down push up. With only your toes and hands on the floor, lower your body until you are lying down, then extend your arms out above your head. Bring your arms back next to your chest and raise your body back to the push up position.


Repeat this 20 times. If you want to make it slightly easier, you can start on your knees.


Our Open Week is completely free when a donation is made to Absolutely Together upon arrival. It will be superhero themed and we have a free month to give away to any member who dresses in a superhero costume! You won’t be alone, our experts will also be dressed as your favourite heroes. If you sign up to an Absolutely Fitness membership, we will also be offering an exclusive offer with the code 2for1, offering two for one on all memberships and no admin fee.







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