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August 19th

How to get fit for a mud run

Mud runs are becoming increasingly popular ways to get fit and do something fun with friends. These trying runs, which range from 5km to half marathon distances, are jam-packed with army style obstacles and are a true test of both mental and physical fitness. So without undergoing a gruelling military fitness regime, how do you get fit for a mud run? We’ve put together some top tips to get you started with your training.


Build up your distance

As with any long distance run, you will need to gradually build up the fitness. If you’re starting from scratch, a great way to build up fitness is by using a Couch to 5km app. This will help with the basics of running and how to gradually build up to longer distances. If you’re a frequent runner, it’s important that you run a variety of distances during training, starting anywhere from 3km.

how to get fit for a mud run


Varying speed training

If you’re an experienced runner, speed training shouldn’t be anything new, but will really help when training for a Wolf Run or Tough Mudder event. Speed play requires varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs. Using this training method will help increase your pace during the run and can result in a PB.


Don’t neglect the gym 

One of the most important things to remember when training for an obstacle run, is that it won’t just require aerobic and running fitness. The obstacles are designed to test both strength and agility as well. Try to ensure, when creating a training plan that you leave a lot of time for the gym and weight training. If you’re unsure about what exercises you would need to do, pop into an Absolutely Fitness near you, and one of our expert trainers can help pull together a personalised plan for you.

We’ve created a high level, ten-week training plan to help you kick-start your training.

10 week training plan absolutely fitness


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