Personal Training in Bracknell

At Absolutely Fitness we hand pick our Personal Trainers on their expert fitness knowledge and their personality. Because of this, our friendly, fun, and truly brilliant Bracknell Personal Trainers are the crème de la crème of the fitness industry!

Lewis Barney

As a Personal Trainer I strive to boost your confidence, health and transform you and your body into your best possible version of yourself. Most people do not believe that they can make the changes that other’s have, most people don’t believe that they can ever have their dream bodies but I am here to prove you that it is possible.

All it takes is consistency, hard work and motivation.


“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy to be remarkable” – Seth Godin


George Duffy

George has trained a range of people from beginners who are looking to start their fitness journey to advanced trainers who want to be pushed to the next level.

“I truly believes that everyone deserves a chance to be healthy, happy and confident. My personal lifetime goal is to help as many people achieve the bodies they have always wanted.”

If you are ready to make the change of a lifetime call now for a chat to discuss your fitness journey.

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Dan Jackson

Dan is the nicest personal trainer in the south of England*. Not only will he sculpt your body into shape, but he will get you enjoying your workouts and coming back for more.

By specialising in using weight training for fat loss, he has managed to get incredible results using his unique and innovative techniques designed to make your feel comfortable in the gym while pushing you hard

*not an official title, but we dare you to find a nicer PT!

Luke Randall

Luke is a REPs registered Level 3 Personal Trainer with the ambition to help you succeed. He specialises in everything from nutritional support and education, to motivation and pushing you harder to achieve your goals.

If you find yourself at a dead end, he will help you find a new, exciting, challenging, and rewarding way to get the most out of every session.

Emma Biggs

Emma has been Personal Training and Studio Instructing solidly for the last 18 years and has trained Olympic Dressage riders, NASCAR drivers, ultra marathon runners, and pensioners!

Ultimately, her aim is to have fun! There is no reason why you can’t be fitter and healthier without a few laughs along the way!

Denise Read

You want a body that’s fit, strong, healthy and makes you feel and look great!  Let Denise transform you into the person you want to be with my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle coupled with her motivational coaching techniques.

“My personal journey from “post baby body” to bikini fitness competitor has given me the understanding of how strength training and correct nutrition is the most effective way to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.”

Ready to start your own journey? 

Let’s Go!

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